Thursday, March 17, 2005

In Peru, Old Newspapers Live Again to Teach the Young

Xabier Díaz de Cerio recently returned to Spain after several years making infographics for El Comercio in Lima. He screened a 17 minute video documentary "Aqui Se Recicla (We Recycle Here)," which described the newspaper's innovative program to distribute infographics and visual storytelling among primary and secondary schools around the country.

Lacking resources, many Peruvian primary and secondary schools have had trouble improving literacy levels. In the documentary, teachers and administrators described the effect that infographics had in helping students grasp and retain information. The film also showed Xabier working with students to create their own visual aids on subjects in Peruvian history and culture.

Out of 10 hours of interviews, Xabier whittled the film down to an engaging 17 minutes that posed an interesting question about the short life cycle of print infographics, as well of role of newspapers in cultivating future readers.


Anonymous Roi said...

A ver si puedo hacer este post bilingüe;

Habeis estado todos muy, pero que muy bien, pero....

Xavi, ERES EL MEJOR!!!!!!!
Xavi, YOU ARE the best!!!!

fácil, eh? (easy, um?)

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that person who wrote these don´t be the father.
So, i really think Xabi, U are the best!

A graphic friend

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Xabier said...

I promissed that the first coment is not my father´s. Thank you Roi.

Gracias por los apoyos, pero creo que son un poco exagerados, de todas maneras me cargan las pilas para los proximos proyectos. Gracias por estar entre el público y gracias por demostrar ese cariño


6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

XABIER... que gusto enterarme de este maravillloso proyecto... no diré que eres el más grande... pero si que eres increible... de verdad me da mucho gusto haber trabajado a tu lado, aunque sea unos meses, aprendí contigo muchas cosas esenciales de esta hermosa profesión, y sobre todo pude conocer un poco de ese gran ser humano que eres... Es un orgullo que sigas en el Perú, y como tú, una vez me dijiste (cuando te presenté un boceto sobre un vuelo espacial a Marte): ¡Venga!... ¡Adelante continua!... muchos éxitos en tu hermosa...

9:26 AM  
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