Friday, March 18, 2005

Susen Schultz: "We don´t have a name for our job"

Susen, originally uploaded by albertocairo2005.

Susen Schultz, from Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden, explained "How to visualize the visual artist". Schultz talked about how much effort her department had to put a couple of years ago to adapt to a new situation of budget cuts due to the competition with new media like free newspapers and their change of format from broadsheet to tabloid.

Schultz showed the visual "Bible" they prepared for the reporters. As in Sweden there is not a word that defines the work of an infographics editor (some one suggested "visual journalist" during the questions time), they often are asked to do very different works. In that "Bible" they explained what are the best sizes for each kind of graphic, what information is needed for a successful coverage, etcetera. She also showed several examples of the well crafted infographics they produce on a regular basis.


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