Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Photos from previous Interact Don´t Show! workshop (2004)

fotosmalofiejconjunto, originally uploaded by albertocairo2005.

Some photos from the first Interact Don´t Show! (2004) online infographics workshop. Unfortunately, I don´t have any from the Show Don´t Tell! (the print infographics workshop) right now, but I assure you they were quite a crowd (more than 30, I think!).

Algunas fotos del primer taller de infografía online Interact Don´t Show! (2004). Por desgracia no tengo ninguna del Show Don´t Tell! (el taller de infografí­a impresa) ahora mismo, pero os aseguro que eran un montón de gente (¡Más de 30, creo!).


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