Friday, March 18, 2005

BBC´s Max Gadney and Mark Bryson: research and infographics

BBC´s Max Gadney is in charge of design and infographics projects and also puts many efforts in research about readers. Gadney talked about "What do audiences need from Information Graphics (and how do we find out?)". They way to find out their needs, he said, was to watch our readers while they use infographics. And that´s what they did. Their conclusions, though preliminary, might be useful to all online media. Gadney´s concerns after the research are very focused on visual ethics and how to be appealing to audiences of all ages, considering that what a reader of 24 years old likes in a presentation or design is not the same as a 50 years one enjoys. Also, the role of BBC as a public service limits their choices when using new technologies.

As Mark Bryson, BBC Interactive designer, explained, all their readers must be able to access the information. That´s why they always create both Flash bitmap infographics so the browser will show either of them depending on if the Flash plug-in is installed or not. Bryson talked about how their work has changed from the static and rough guides some years ago till their current XML-based and content-dinamic ones, like the US Elections coverage


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